Kind of Animal by Kyla Jamieson


ISBN: 978-1-989463-00-0


About the author:

The poems in Kind of Animal document the immediate aftermath of a concussion and the symptom-woven seasons that follow. In concrete, visceral, and accessible language, Jamieson illuminates the lived reality of an invisible illness that is often reduced to medical jargon or symptom labels and difficult for outsiders to comprehend. As time collapses and expands around her and the life she once lived drifts further and further away, Jamieson turns to dreamscapes and ‘the internet of [her] being’ for guidance. What began as a deep desire for a return to normalcy morphs, over the course of this journey, into a fierce determination to love and value herself and her life exactly as they are. These poems are a portal to a new perspective, a flare sent up to mark the spot where despair turns into hope.

Kyla Jamieson is a white-coded mixed race queer settler writer living with an invisible disability on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. Her poetry and nonfiction writing has appeared in Poetry Is Dead, Room Magazine, GUTS Canadian Feminist Magazine, Peach Mag, The Maynard, VICE, Elle Canada, and Plenitude. She was selected by CA Conrad and Anne Boyer as the third place winner in the Metatron Prize for Rising Authors. Find her on instagram as @airymeantime or on a rock next to a river.