Year of Saving Self by Ramna Safeer


ISBN —978-1-7751167-4-5


About the author:

Ramna Safeer is a Pakistan-immigrated and Toronto-bred writer, activist, and student. She cares deeply about her brown womanhood and hopes to cultivate spaces where others can feel as fiercely protective of their own unfiltered selves. She is a 4th-year English student at Queen’s University in Kingston and will be attending Osgoode Hall Law School in September. Her essays, which focus on racial discourse, cultural critique and the diaspora, have previously appeared in places such as The Huffington Post, Gal-Dem Magazine, Sophomore Magazine, and Reel Honey Magazine. Her poetry has appeared in Room Magazine, Big Lucks Magazine and Lake Effect 8. She is addicted to soy lattes and has a lip balm for every occasion.